Where is Karesuvanto?

Karesuvanto is a village on the Muonionjoki River in Finnish Enontekiö. On the other side of the river, on the Swedish side, is the village of Karesuando. The villages of Finland and Sweden have a total population of about 470, of which about 140 live in Finland.

Can I fish salmon here?

Eräluvat.fi: ”Tornio-Muonio River is the longest free flowing salmon river in Europe. It is also a border river between Finland and Sweden. The river also has sea trout and grayling. Tornio-Muonionjoki-Könkämäeno area is popular with lure and fly fishermen. The traditional form of fishing is salmon rowing, but there are good places to go fishing along the riverside. ”

Wikipedia: "The Muonio (Finnish: Muonionjoki; Swedish: Muonio älv  is a river in northern Finland and Sweden. It is a tributary of the Tornio. Together the two rivers form the national border between Finland and Sweden. The river is 230 kilometres long."

Nearby Villages

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Is a permit for sea fishing needed in Norway?

No. However, fishing may be subject to authorization or prohibited at the mouth of salmon rivers. See more info:ww.tyrskyturska.net

How much fish can I bring from Norway to Finland?

Customs instruction: "A passenger may import 20 kg of fishery products or one gutted fish. Its weight is irrelevant."

See more info: Customs